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This Exquisite Music Engine by Dinahmoe →

ThEME is based on the dynamic music engine we built for This Exquisite Forest (Google Creative Lab/Tate Modern).

This Exquisite Forest, a collaborative art project, conceived by Aaron Koblin & Chris Milk, produced by Google and Tate Modern.

ThEME automatically generates music for you to enjoy. You can either generate tracks randomly by one simple click or, if you'd like, you can also narrow the selection by adjusting the mood, style and rhythmic properties before you generate the track.

When you've got something you like you can adjust the intensity and harmonics of your soundtrack as well as adjusting the mix by adding/removing instruments and adding a sweet reverb.

Behind the scenes ThEME is built to always bring you music that actually sounds like real music. Instead of totally randomising the content of your track we make sure the outcome will always be musical and interesting.

This Exquisite Forest