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Toyota Avalon →

Selling cars in a well cut suit and Technicolor, it just HAS to work! North Kingdom made this elegant and perfectly executed pearl and we got the opportunity to add some adaptive magic to the sound track. We did the adaptive music production, sound design and interactive post production.

This one is by far the most advanced adaptive music project we have done so far. It contains 6 unique songs in different tempos, user interactivity affects how each song is put together, the orchestra adapts itself when the user navigates the site, the music is mixed in real-time with the host’s voices, syncing all to some 40 different video assets, and so on.

Didn’t you notice? We don’t mind. The whole purpose is to hide this complexity to you the visitor and just let you enjoy a musical, seamless, smooth trip. And of course: eventually buy the car.

North Kingdom
Saatchi & Saatchi LA

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