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The Liberation is a interactive movie experience telling the story of the ONLY girls who makes a visit to a unexpecting sleepy town. The twist with this experience is that you can pause the video at any time and move into a kind of frozen universe where you can explore the clothes and accessories that are currently showing.

The music for this experience is a specially adapted version of Lunes great song Let Go. It was put together by Lune's producer, Carl-Michael, to fit the linear movie. Our mission was to make it work in the interactive experience while still syncing perfectly to the linear parts.

To make this happen we had to combine longer sections of music, that needed to be tightly synced with the video, with more loop like sections for the interactive parts (where you can't predict when the user decides to move on). To make it even tricker we made the frozen universe (that plays when you pause the experience) play ambient music that is totally in sync with the rest of the sound track, and then when you decide to continue the journey the music will snap right back in sync with the video. A nice detail is that Lune will always finish the phrase she is currently singing even if you pause.

Of course it's all experienced totally seamless, and the user will never notice that the music moves over several different video files and interactive parts.

Besides the super nice music implementation we also handled, created and implemented all voice overs (three languages) and all the sound design.

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