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Are you ready to rock? We sure hope so, because JAM with Chrome will allow you to start a JAM session with friends in different locations from your Chrome browser.

Utilizing the powers of new technologies like HTML5 and the Web Audio API we built the music engine that drives this project. Behind the scenes we handle all audio elements from audio playback to making sure the JAM session plays in sync in all participants browsers.

To make the instruments sound as true as possible we’ve built software samplers that play back custom recorded instrument samples (recorded by us). All controlled by midi in real time. To add even more edge to the sound experience we’ve also created a bunch of real time effects like delay, distortion, reverb, chorus, etc. All this inside your browser.

If you’re the Slash or Mike Portnoy of the web generation you can play the instruments freely using your mouse and keyboard. But don’t worry, if you weren't all that into practicing scales back in middle school we’ve got something for you as well.

When playing in easy mode we’ve composed a bunch of pre-programmed musical patterns that will make you sound like a pro while you just need to focus on the fun parts of playing. These musical patterns work as a base for your jamming but respond in real time to your interactions.
JAM with Chrome is a project by Google Creative Lab. It was brought to life by Google Creative Lab, Dinahmoe, Tool and Rob Bailey.

We will for sure come back to this project and let you know more about the creative and technical challenges/ possibilities with this project. But for now, GO JAM!

Google Creative Lab

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